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Computer Science at Colby


Computer Science studies the design of computational processes, computing systems, and virtual objects. We're trying to answer the question, 'What can computers do?', which encompasses theory, application, and hardware.

Due to its broad applicability, Computer Science impacts and interacts with a wide variety of disciplines. Many recent advances in both the natural and social sciences would not have been possible without the exponential growth in computing power and the corresponding design of advanced algorithms brought about by the work of computer scientists.

The Colby Computer Science Department is committed to integrating computer science and the liberal arts. Our goal is to provide Colby students with a strong background in CS, while also teaching them how to integrate their knowledge with other disciplines in order to produce new and innovative discoveries. Whether you want to be a major, minor, or just take a few courses, whatever your interests, knowing more about computers and computation will give you the ability to expand your possibilities.

If you are interested in computer science, drop by and talk with the CS faculty or students on first floor of the Davis Science Building.

Tenure Track Faculty Position

CS at Colby is looking to an open-rank open area tenure-track position. For position and application details, please see our position description.

Library Resources

The Colby Science Library maintains a set of online books through the Colby Safari Online resources. These include many language references and other useful resources.