CS 397: Computer Vision

Course Information for Fall 2007

Time: TR 1:00-2:20 (lecture), T 2:30-4pm (lab)
Place: Mudd 405 (lecture), Mudd 415 (lab)

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Mudd 403
Phone: 859-5854

Office hours: M 2-4pm, R 9-11am, or stop by

Course Description

Computer vision is the study of automatic image understanding and the subtasks within that goal. This semester, the course will focus on automatic visual object recognition and real-time human/computer visual interfaces. The goal will be to combine the two parts into a final project that permits sophisticated visual interaction with a desktop computer or robot. We will cover numerous tools and analysis techniques of computer vision relevant to these tasks. These will include 2D binary, greyscale, and color image analysis, image and data filtering, segmentation, texture analysis, 3D stereo, 3D model representation and generation, and pattern classification techniques.


Stockman and Shapiro, Computer Vision, Prentice Hall, 2001

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