CS 397

Assignment 5: Eigenspace Digit Recognition

Due 15 December 2007


For this project, we'll do the same task as lab 4, but using an eigenspace recognition technique. The basic idea is to use a training set to create a set of basis images. Then use the basis images to convert the training set into a set of models, where the feature vector for each model is its projection into the eigenspace. Finally, classify new images by projecting them into the eigenspace and comparing them to the models.


Work on this project with your partner from the last lab.

Download the following code files:

Put the util.c and svdcmp.c in your image library and add them to the makefile. You will also want to add prototypes for the functions in util.c and for svdcmp() to your vision.h include file.




Follow the writeup instructions to create a web page for your assignment. Send the instructor an email with the code in a zip or tar file along with instructions on how to compile and run it as well as a pointer to the URL for the writeup.