CS 336: Projects

Analyzing the Performance of Three Sorting Algorithms on NSCC (due Sun, Dec 14, 9:00 a.m.)

Time and analyze your three sorting algorithms. I provide a skeleton for your write up here with more details. Feel free to edit this document - I have made sure it is compatible with older versions of Word. If you don't want the Word file, here it is as a PDF.

The additional data-creation functions are given in root_merge_sort.c. I implement an additional sorting algorithm in which the data is scattered, each part is sorted on each processors, the data is sent back to the root, and the root merges the results together. You should use create_reverse_int_array and create_random_squared_int_array and you may want to re-arrange your code the way I have - i.e. so that there is a sort function that takes a pointer to the data-creation function. My setup makes it easier to automate code timing.

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