CS 231: Assignments


Assignments will be posted here weekly each Sunday. They are due a week later on Monday at midnight. Reduced credit will be given for late assignments.

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Mudd 403
Phone: 859-5854
AIM: brucemaxwell@mac.com

Office hours: TBA, Knock

Assignment 1: Monte-Carlo Simulation: Blackjack
due midnight, 21 September

Assignment 2: Spatial Simulation I
due midnight, 28 September

Assignment 3: Game of Life
due midnight, 5 October

Assignment 4: Broccoli Fiends
due midnight, 19 October

Assignment 5: Simulation System Design
due midnight, 26 October

Assignment 6: Simulation System Design II
due midnight, 2 November

Assignment 7: Checking Out
due midnight 9 November

Assignment 8: Broccolengeti
due midnight 16 November

Assignment 9: Programmer's Choice
due midnight 1 December