CS 333: Assignment #3

Language Resources

In this lab you'll start learning your selected languages.


  1. For each of your two languages, develop a language resource wiki page or web page. Spend some time searching for useful resources, documentation, and formal descriptions of the language. Organize the page in a useful way.

    For each language, you and your partner for that language should develop a single set of pages.

  2. Write an example program in each language that demonstrates the rules for identifier naming, variable declarations and identifier scoping. Focus on any special rules or capabilities of your language. Make a wiki page with the code and a brief explanation how the scoping rules apply to the code.
  3. Write an example program in each language that executes a binary seach on a list or array of numbers. Make a wiki page that explains the basic syntax of the language, using the binary search program as an example.



The writeup for this week is the assignment itself. Once you have written up your assignment, give your main page for each language the label: