CS 333: Assignment #6

Language Semantics

This is the last of the assignments developing wiki pages for your languages. The two topics for this one are functions and memory management.


  1. Functions - develop a wiki page for each of your languages that gives examples of function calls and function definitions. Topics your page needs to address include the following.
    • Syntax of a function definition.
    • Syntax of a function call.
    • Use of functions in expressions.
    • Use of function labels as l-values.
    • Function side-effects.
    • Semantics of a function call, similar to prior semantics descriptions.
  2. Describe the memory management capabilities of your languages. Give examples of memory allocation and de-allocation (if applicable). Discuss the kind of information about allocated memory the system must maintain in order to implement the memory management scheme.



The writeup for this week is the assignment itself, plus the code, which should be integrated with your writeup. Once you have written up your assignment, give your main page for this week the label: