CS 341: Reference Materials

Reference Materials

MATLAB Code to test GA

Here is a link to run_lec24.m.

MATLAB Code to Compare Different Hill-Climbing Methods of Optimization

Here is a link to fminsearchbnd.m, run_lec22.m, getPeriod.m, vdp.m, vdpCircadianError.m, and steepest_descent.m.

MATLAB Code for Implicit Trapezoidal Method

Here is a link to implicitTrapezoidal.m.

MATLAB Demo Code from Wed Oct 21

Here are links to run_backwardEuler.m and backwardEuler.m.

MATLAB Demo Code from Mon Sept 28

Here are links to run_gonzeGoodwin.m and gonzeGoodwin.m.

MATLAB Demo Code from Fri Sept 25

Here are links to demo1.m and demo2.m.

MATLAB Demo Code from Wed Sept 23

Here are links to run_lec7.m, hillUp.m, hillDown.m, and signal.m.

Michaelis-Menten Code

Here are links to MM.m, enzymeModel.m, and run_enzymeModel.m.