CS 363: Assignment #6

Candidate Robot

The purpose of this project is to integrate everything (navigation, vision, speech) into a single application for a real event.


The robots have PTZ cameras on them now, which are higher resolution and also offer the capability of moving the camera separately from the robot. To use the PTZ capability you'll need another USB-serial dongle and you'll need to set up the tty USB ports appropriately so that both nav and svm are using the proper ports. Ask for assistance getting it set up the first time.


Your robot is campaigning for the position of CS mascot. Before the fall meeting on Thursday evening for majors, minors, and interested students your robot should spend 15 minutes campaigning in the lobby area. Your robot will get another 15 minutes at the end. Voting will begin during the second round of campaigning.



After all is said and done, make a wiki page that gives an overview of what you did. In particular, talk about the state machine that represented your interaction. Give it the label cs363f09project6.