CS 231: Data Structures and Algorithms

Lab/Assignment Information for Fall 2012

Times: M 1:00-2:20pm, T 2:30-3:50pm
Place: Roberts 225

Lab Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Roberts 224B
Phone: 859-5854

Office hours: Knock
MW 10-11:30am
Anytime my door is open

Course Description

Computers store, manipulate, and transfer information. Data structures are methods of ordering information so that it is easy to retrieve, modify, search, or delete. How the information is to be used informs which data structures are most appropriate for the task.

In the labs and assignments, we will explore the use of a variety of data structures and useful algorithms in the context of modeling and simulation. We will build models of a variety of interesting situations, such as population diffuse and genetic drift, and then simulate the results using different scenarios. Different data structures will be appropriate for each models, and we will look at the impact that the proper data structure selection has on performance.

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