CS 231 Lab 5

Doubly-Linked Lists

The goal of this lab is to give you an opportunity to hone your skills implementing doubly-linked lists.

Here are the links to the API's for the most recent versions of Java:


  1. Re-implement your LinkedList class as a doubly-linked list with a head and a tail pointer and prev/next pointers at each node. It should have the same functionality as the original LinkedList.
  2. Test your doubly-linked list. It will be graded as part of your project, so be sure to test it well. This means you should test (at a very minimum) adding to an and removing from an empty list, a list with one item, and a list with multiple items. For a list with multiple items, you should test its ability to add to and remove from the beginning of the list, the middle of the list, and the end of the list.

Once you are comfortable with the above tasks, go on to the project.