Title image Fall 2018

Something New

The purpose of this project is to have you explore something new about R and make use of existing resources that are available to learn it. Keep it simple, and limit your time on this project to no more than 90 minutes.

Project Tasks

Pick one of the four options below for this project. Whichever option you pick, use R Markdown to mix your example code with text describing the topic you chose to explore. Include links to any resources outside of the R help documentation.

  1. Option 1: Pick a topic about which you want to know more. Some suggested topics are below. Spend your time learning about the topic and writing some R code to explore it and demonstrate it.

    • Fitting more complex models to data, either with lm or other functions.
    • Resources for machine learning in R.
    • Exploring functions for generating random numbers from distributions other thn uniform and normal.
    • Exploring plotting functions other than the ones you have already used.
    • Learn how to use the ggplot method of generating graphs.

  2. Option 2: Pick a data type we have not yet explored, or that we touched on only lightly. Some examples are below. Explore the capabilities and functions associated with the type. Write some R code that provides examples for how to make use of the type and a couple of associated functions.

    • Complex numbers
    • Multi-dimensional arrays (beyond matrices)
    • Ordered

  3. Option 3: Pick three functions we have not yet covered. Figure out what they do and write some code examples of how to use them. Some suggested exampls are below.

    • apply
    • vapply
    • stopifnot
    • agrep
    • grep
    • curl
    • union
    • intersection
    • jitter
    • merge
    • split/unsplit
    • attach / detach

  4. Option 4: Check out the xkcd plotting package and learn how to use it with different types of plots and data. Include an example of an actual xkcd plot in your R Markdown file.


As part of your exploration, create example code demonstrating the topic you explored. In your R Markdown file, include a natural language description of what the code does and how it works. Your description should include answers to the following questions. Submit a pdf of your R Markdown generated page.


Create a project8 folder inside the Private folder in your Courses directory. Put your R Script file, and your text/PDF file with your answers into the project8 folder. If you used R Markdown for the project, put your answers and the code all in the same file.