Title image Fall 2018

Course Information for Fall 2018

Time: Lecture A: MWF 9-9:50am
Lecture B: MWF 10-10:50am
Lab A: M 1:00-2:20
Lab B: M 2:30-3:45
Lab C: T 1:00-2:15
Place: Lecture: Davis 117
Labs: Davis 122

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Davis 112
Phone: 859-5854

Office hours:
M 10pm-late, R 9:30pm-late
Any time my door is open

Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Taylor
Office: Davis 114
Office hours:
M 10am-noon; T 10:45am-11:45; W 2:30pm-4; R 10:45-11:45 and 4-5

Course Description

Computer organization focuses on how computers work. Students learn the fundamental hardware components of computers, including storage (RAM, hard disks), input/output, and most importantly the processor (CPU). They learn how computer components are designed and built on several levels, including the basic electrical component level and the machine language level. They also learn to program in assembly language for one or more simple computer processors.

Course Goals

  1. Students understand standard binary encodings of data and programs.
  2. Students understand the basic electronic components that make up a computer.
  3. Students understand the computer at various layers, including the hardware layer, the machine language layer, and the assembly language layer.
  4. Students are able to write assembly language programs for a simple CPU.
  5. Students understand the significance of new technology in computer science.
  6. Students present methods, algorithms, results, and designs in an organized and competently written manner.


A. Tanenbaum, Structured Computer Organization, 6th ed, Prentice Hall, 2012.

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