You are expected to email me your work. The subject of your email should follow this format CS331 Fall2019 Proj# -- Your Name (e.g., CS331 Fall2019 Proj1 -- Ying Li).

The email should have three attachments: a single PDF file for your solutions to the problem set, an archive containing all your source codes, and a write-up in PDF for the programming assignment. Please compress all your source codes into a zip file. The detailed instructions are described in the following sections.

Solutions, Write-up

The title of your solutions and write-up should specify the project, the part, and your name (e.g., CS 331 Project 1 Problems -- Ying Li, CS 331 Project 1 Write-up -- Ying Li).

You solution to every problem should specify the problem number.

Your write-up to the programming assignment should explain your idea to the programming assignment and demonstrate that your program can work. If you take any extensions, you should specify the extensions explicitly and show the corresponding results.

To clearly explain and demonstrate your idea to the programming assignment and extensions, snapshots of your codes and outputs are necessary in your write-up. Please also specify the usage of your program in your write-up.

You are expected to attach your solutions or wirte-up to the email as a single PDF file. All modern word processing applications are capable of producing PDF documents. Just look for Save As or Export options. Even MS Word allows you to save a document as a PDF file (File - Save As - Format). LaTeX is the recommended but not required tool for document preparation.

The font size of the body of the paper should be between 10 and 12 points, the maximum line spacing is 1.5. Your grade is not proportional to the number of pages you submit. Clear and concise writing is preferred.

Make sure that the file can opened using a standard PDF viewers. If you use a non-US version of application to generate PDF, make sure that the resulting document is formatted for letter-sized paper (11 x 8.5 in). Other sizes, such as A4, cause problems during printing. You can check a document paper size in Acrobat Reader by going to File and then Properties. In OSX Preview app, press Command+I.


You are expected to attached your source codes as a single archive to the email. To create an archive on Mac, you can select the files you want to archive and select Compress Items after right click. You can also use the command tar to compress files on Linux. If you use Windowns, this web page may help.

Email Body

I'm always happy to hear from students and improve the course accordingly. The following list includes some information I would like to know from you regarding each project. Please include your responses to these questions in the email. Any other thoughts/suggestions/comments about the course from you are more than welcome. =)

  1. How long did you spend on this project?
  2. What is the most challenging problem, including programming part, in this project?
  3. Do you want to modify the degree of difficulty? If so, do you want to increase/decrease the difficulty?
  4. What is the most interesting part of this project?
  5. If you can make one change on this project, what would you like to chang?
  6. If you used any dwarves in this project, were there any issues?

I appreciate your help in advance.

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