Title image Fall 2019

Writing Summaries of Technical Papers

Each week of this course we'll be reading a set of primary technical papers focused around a particular research topic in perception. The papers will all be selected from the premier conference proceedings and journals.

Reading, comprehending, and critiquing technical papers is a critical skill for anyone interested in learning and understanding advanced concepts in a field. One of the best ways to understand a technical paper is to force yourself to summarize it, explain the core concept, analyze the strengths of the method, and identify potential weaknesses. These are the same skills required to review a technical paper for publication in a conference or journal

Please use the Colby wiki to write your summary. Put the label cs465f19 on your summary so that we can easily find them.

Elements of a summary

The first element of a summary should be a high level description of the main concept of the paper. The description should include the following information.

The second element of a summary is to identify the strengths of the paper and the proposed techniques or algorithms.

The third element of a summary is to identify weaknesses or limitations of the proposed techniques or algorithms.

A fourth element of a summary are general questions about the writing, whether the authors connected their work to the larger field, and the paper's ability to convey knowledge to the reader.


Summaries should be available by the afternoon before the class presentation so everyone else can read them before class.

Summaries will be evaluated using the following rubric.

Note: your participation grade will be primarily based on your contributions to discussions when you are not presenting.