CS 369: Assignment 4

Game Art

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Game Art

  1. Find 3 examples of game art you find both aesthetically pleasing and effective for the role it plays in the game.
    • Identify the source of the art.
    • Identify its role in the game.
    • Does the art have to convey information about the game state? What information does it convey, and how does it do that?
    • Breifly explain why it is both effective in its role and aethetically pleasing. What are the characteristics of the work that cause it to be effective?
  2. Create one piece of art that would be appropriate for your game.
    • Explain the role of the art in the game.
    • Explain what effects or impressions you want to achieve with the art. Does it convey those impressions effectively?
    • Does the artwork convey information about the game state? If so, does it play that role effectively?

Put your art examples, your own art, and the answers to the questions on a wiki page. Give it the label