Title image January 2019

Group Organizing Document

Due Thursday 17 January

The purpose of this assignment is to ensure your group has a clear plan for designing, organizing, and building your installation. It is a written summary of what your group presented the prior week, but with a little more substance.


  1. Concept: Develop a single wiki page for your group that summarizes your design idea, similar to the way you critiqued the prior interactive installations. Your page should include the following elements.
    • The name/title of your installation.
    • A list of the people in your design group. Include in this list the primary role/title for each person in your group.
    • A short summary of the design concept.
    • Describe the intended audience and the type of interaction they will have with your design.
    • Classify your design according to the various dimensions we discussed in class: audience, actors (who interacts with the system), physical space, interaction time, rule set dynamics (do they change), inputs, outputs, qualities of the video, qualities of the sound. In all cases, avoid emotional terms or metaphors.
    • Finish by summarizing what you see as the purpose/meaning/type of experience your are trying to provide to the audience.
  2. Requirements: Develop a list of requirements for your design and generate a checklist on a wiki page. Assign someone from the group to have primary responsibility for each item.
    • Equipment: what physical equipment do you need? You can budget up to $50 for your project, but check out what equipment we already have.
    • Physical Plant: do you need any assistance from physical plant to install your piece? This includes moving furniture, mounting cameras, or installing screens.
    • Space: what space on campus will you be using? You will need to check for availability and reserve the space as soon as possible.
    • ITS: do you have any need for equipment from ITS. This might include projectors, speakers, screens and computers.
  3. Roles: Each person needs to take primary responsibility for one or more aspects of the project. Decide who will take on what roles and document it on a wiki page. Some important roles include the following.
    • Lead Concept Designer: this person's role is to conceptualize and visualize the final product, convert that to specific needs and tasks, and guide the group towards that goal.
    • Producer: this person's role is to make sure everything is getting done on time and to help out or get other people to help out if something requires extra effort.
    • Lead Programmer: this person's role is to make sure the programming tasks are being completed appropriately and to ensure they can be integrated into a single, working system.
    • Visual Art Lead: This person is responsible for the visual content of the installation.
    • Audio Art Lead: This person is responsible for the audio content the installation.
    • Sensor Manager: this person is in charge of designing and managing the setup of all inputs to the system, such as cameras, microphones, or touch sensors.
    • Stage Manager: this person is in charge of designing and managing the physical outputs of the system, including projectors, speakers, or other physical parts.
    • Actor Developer: each custom Isadora actor should have one person with primary responsibility for completing it.
    • Blogger/Documentor: this person has primary responsibility for documenting both the development and the final product of the group. That does not mean this person is the only one to write or take pictures or video. It does mean this person needs to make sure that someone is blogging, taking pictures, and taking video as the art installation proceeds. The blog will be the primary output for each group other than the installation itself, so everyone should contribute.


For this assignment, make a main wiki page for your group that has the summary paragraph, and eventually a picture. Give it the label cs297J19art. Then make a child page for each of the three main tasks above. Give each of those the same label (cs267J19assignment2) but different titles. You probably want to give everyone in your group permission to edit these pages.