Title image January 2019

Sound and Image Samples

Due Thursday 24 January 2016

Audio Task

The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you can create a sound/sound effect/track using Csound/GarageBand/Other and some type of visual art, either from scratch or by modifying photos or video.


Find two short examples of sounds in the world. These might be birds chirping, the sound of stepping on snow (if we have any snow), or the sound of traffic on I-95.

For each example, do your best to simulate it with an instrument built in Csound or instrument manipulation in GarageBand.

Make one short piece--around 30s in length--in Csound (or GarageBand, if you wish) that uses your two sounds. Talk to the prof if you want ideas about how to make a piece with some kind of structure to it. Add other elements to the piece, as you wish.

Visual Task

Find something to inspire a visual creation. It can be a photo, a scene, a short video, or some effect (like looking through a blurry window).

Using a tool of your choice--GIMP, Photoshop, Isadora, OpenCV, etc..--do your best to implement the concept to create a photo or short video clip.


For this project, make a short wiki page with a description of both parts of the project. First, describe the sounds you emulated and a short description of the instruments you built to emulate it. Describe the piece you created and include a link to the sounds and the piece on your wiki page.

Second, describe the visual effect or content you were trying to achieve. Then describe your implementation and include example photos or link to videos showing the results. Putting videos on Google drive works well and linking to them works well.

Give it the label cs267J19assignment3 when you are done.