CS 451: Assignment #2

Game Design Exercise I

Get together with your group outside of class (plan on an hour). Using the items given to you in class, design a game. The constraints on your design are as follows.

Once you have finished your game design, play the game and evaluate whether it is balanced, fun, etc. Revise the rules, if necessary.

Recruit at least one group of people outside the course to play the game. Have them play the game based on only the written rules, providing clarification if they ask for it. Watch them play and ask their opinion of the game when they are finished.

Go through one final round of revision to try and improve the game play based on watching others play and listening to their comments. Clarify the rules, if necessary.


Each group should write up a description of their game, with complete rules and pictures of the objects used, on a wiki page. In addition, write up a brief review of the game. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of it and whether you thought it was fun. Would you play the game again?

Once you have written up your game, give the page the label:


You can give any page a label when you're editing it using the label field at the bottom of the page.