CS 151: Project #7

Project 7: Fractals and Trees

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The assignment is to bring together the lsystem and interpreter pieces to make a scene that consists of fractal shapes, trees, and other turtle graphics (think back to projects 1, 2 and 3). Your top-level program will include both the lsystem and transformer modules.


  1. Create a file called scene.py. The file will need to import sys, turtle, lsystem, and interpreter. You may also want to import the random package. Write a function scene1()that creates a simple scene using L-systems. Your scene should include at least one fractal shape and one tree. You can get the L-system file from the command line, by asking the user for it, or by hard-coding it into the scene.

    You can use turtle commands to pick up the pen, move it to a new location, and put down the pen before drawing a new shape.

    This is required image 1.

  2. Write a function scene2() that draws a set of 9 trees based on the systemB L-system, or some variation of it. Order the 9 trees as a 3x3 grid. From left to right the number of iterations of the L-system should go from 1 to 3. From top to bottom, the angle of the L-system should be 22.5, 45, and 60.

    This is required image 2.

  3. Write a function scene3() that makes a simple outdoor scene with trees generated using L-systems. Scene 3 should include at least one new L-system. You can use one of the L-systems from ABOP or make up one of your own. Scene 3 should also have trees of different sizes.

    This is required image 3.



Make a new wiki page for your assignment. Give the page a useful title using English words (cs151s10proj7 is not a useful title). Put the label cs151s10proj7 on the page. Each of you needs to make your own writeup.

In addition to making the wiki page writeup, put the python files you wrote on the Academics server in your handin directory.

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In general, your writeup should follow the outline below.