CS 198: Assignments

The lab exercises and weekly projects will be posted here before each Monday lab session. The work in lab will lead into and be part of the week's project. Labs will also count significantly towards participation.

Labs and Assignments

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Assignments will be due each Monday at midnight. Solutions to the assignment will be generally be posted before class on Wednesday.

Lab 1: Getting to know the computer
Python Assignment 1: Simple themes, due midnight, Monday 15 February
Max Assignment 1: Intro to Max, Optional/extra credit
Max Tutorial: Tutorial
Listening Assignment 1: Listening 1, due before class, Wednesday, 24 February

Lab 2: Connecting Python and Max
Python-Max Assignment 2: Theme variations, due midnight, Monday 22 Februrary
Max Assignment 2: Max Interface Elements

Lab 3: Players and Tunes
Python-Max Assignment 3: Rhythms and Lead, due midnight, Monday 1 March

Lab 4: Making patterns and players
Python-Max Assignment 4: A Piece, due midnight, Monday 8 March
Composition Assignment 1: GB, due before class Wednesday 10 March
Listening Assignment 2: Listening 2, due before class, Monday 8 March

Lab 5: Interactive control of patterns and players

Midterm Project: DJ Mix, due midnight, Monday 29 March
Project overview: project help document

Project 6: Creating a collection of sounds, demo in class, Monday April 5

Week 9: Week 9 templates, materials for class Monday April 5
Monday Lab, week 9: Too Many Notes

Week 10: Week 10 templates, materials for class Monday April 12
Monday Lab, week 10: Shapes and Rhythms
Student sounds: synthesized sounds

HW for Wednesday: Make a piece at least 30s long with intentional structure using the synthesized sounds. You are free to make new sounds as well. Hand in a description of the structure of your piece. Due Wednesday April 14 in class.

Sounds for Monday: Make five more sounds using python, the fm template, and Csound. The sounds should have different qualities. Make a copy of each python file you use to generate a particular csd file. Put each sound file and its corresponding csd and python files in a directory labeled csound2 on the Academics server. Due Monday April 19, midnight.

Week 11 Listening Assignment: Listening assignment, due Wednesday 28 April, in class.

Week 12 Granules: Example granule code. Download and experiment with making your own granular synthesis pieces.

Final Project:

Your final project will consist of a 3-4 minute piece in which you will make use of at least 3 of the 4 principal options for making computer music that we have discussed over the course of the semester (Python/Max, Csound (with Python controls), MetaSynth and Garage Band.)  Your project can be interactive or pre-composed.

In preparation for the project you should prepare 2 things:

  1. A detailed written plan for the structure of your piece including how you're going to divide up the larger sections, what kinds of motives you envision and how you plan to use them, etc (i.e. don't just say "it'll be ABA")
  2. A fairly comprehensive description of at least 5 sounds that you plan to use as raw materials for the piece.

For both of these tasks you are free to draw upon the models discussed in class over the last few weeks.

You will present your plan and sound descriptions to the class at our 11:00 meeting on Monday May 3.  Once we hear everyone's ideas we can all brainstorm on how the sounds people have proposed might be made.

Your final composition will be due at 3:30 on Wednesday May 12 (our published final exam date/time), at which time everyone will play their piece for the class.