CS 198: Project #2

Project 4: A Piece

Due midnight, Monday 8 March, 2010


For this assignment, continue to use the same patcher and python files from lab.

  1. Using the tune.py file--the one that works with Max--delete all but the first pattern and then create at least 4 new patterns that are your own work. You're welcome to delete the first pattern, too.
  2. Edit the players in tune.py to achieve different effects.
  3. Do something to add an interface element to the Max patcher that affects the sound.
  4. Make a copy of the sttune.py file. Call the copy mytune.py. Delete all of the patterns and players. Make your own players (at least 2) and patterns (at least 3) that are your own creative effort. Try to make this effort sound different than the Max/python version. It's probably a good idea to start with just one player so you can hear the different patterns you make clearly.

    For step 4, you'll need to work in the Roberts lab in order to use the soundturtle.


Here are some suggested extensions

Once you are finished with your work, put the python and Max files, and anything else you want to hand in, into your handin folder on the Academic server.


Each of you should create your own wiki page for your writeup.

Colby Wiki

The title of your page should be something appropriate, like Project 3 and your name. Please put the label cs198s10proj4 on your writeup page (labels are down below the editing window on the edit tab).

For this week, your writeup should consist of your answers to the following questions.