CS 251: Assignments


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Assignments will be due each Thursday at midnight. Solutions to the assignment will be posted before class on Friday or Monday.

Assignment 1: Data
Due midnight, Thursday 11 February, 2010

Assignment 2: GUI and Data Selection
Due midnight, Thursday 18 February, 2010

Assignment 3: Data Manipulation
Due midnight, Thursday 25 February, 2010

Assignment 4: Interactive Visualization
Due midnight, Thursday 4 March, 2010

Assignment 5: Integration and Visualization
Due before spring break, 2010

Assignment 6: Clustering
Due midnight, Thursday 8 April, 2010

Assignment 7: Work through the Weka tutorial in Chapter 10.
Finish by Friday 16 April, 2010

Assignment 8: 1R rules and Decision Trees
Due midnight, Thursday 29 April, 2010

Final Project: Ship Your Project
Due by final exam