CS 251: Assignment #9

Ship Your Project

Due by the scheduled final exam


This project is about making a final bit of analysis for your client and then cleaning up your program to make it something they can and will use. Consult with the prof in the early stages of this assignment before you tackle the custom analysis task.

  1. Test the application you have written so far. Have someone else test your system. Try to break it. Fix spelling errors. Add helpful messages if things go wrong. If you don't find anything wrong, you aren't trying hard enough.
  2. Write a help document, preferably an actual html page (and supporting documents) that will go along with the application. The help document should be written appropriately for your client.
  3. Pick one other form of analysis that will be helpful for your client. Implement it and a visualization for the results of that analysis. Update your documentation.
  4. If you're feeling ambitious, check out py2app, a program for converting python code into a standalone Mac OS X application.
  5. Schedule a meeting with your client before the final exam date. If at all possible, bring your final product to the meeting and go over the program with your client, showing them how to use it.


Just do a good job putting together something your client can and will use.


For this week's writeup, make one child page from the main data project page. Describe the analysis and visualization you chose to implement.


Once you have written up your assignment, give the page the label:


Put your final code in the COMP/CS251 folder on fileserver1/Academics. Please put it in a folder labeled 'finalVersion' along with any help documentation you created. The folder should include everything you give to your client.