CS 251: Assignment #7

Final Project

Due Friday 4 May 2012

For the final project, pick a data set, pick one or more questions, and design a program that gives the user the ability to explore the answers through analysis and visualization.

Possible Data Sets

The following are data sets we have that are of good quality. You can choose your own data set, if you wish. Talk to the prof, first. Check the Academics/COMP/CS251/Data directory for the data files.

  1. Bird Arrivals: Let the user browse the bird arrival data. This will require giving the user the ability to filter the data on one or more fields (e.g. bird species and year). You may use either the Bird Arrivals Summary data set or the complete Bird Arrivals data set on the server.

    The primary question of interest is how bird arrivals are linked to other factors. For example, you may want to download temperature data for the east cost (Florida to Maine) and see if average temperatures in each of Feb/Mar/Apr/May are related to average bird arrival dates (or earliest bird arrival dates). Be creative.

  2. Purple Finch [PUFI] Banding Data: this data provides information about banded purple finches and when they have been recaptured. Each recovery event shows the distance, direction, and time between banding and recover. A pdf in the Academics folder contains some scientific questions the data may help to answer.
  3. Impact Test Data: this is a brand new data set (never been analyzed) on concussions in high school athletes in Maine. There is a lot of data. Note that data security is important for this data set. Although the data has been de-identified, we do not want copies of it publicly available anywhere.
  4. A data set of your choice...


There are two components to your writeup. First is a brief user manual for your program showing how to read, process, and view the data. The second is a worked example of using your program and analysis tools to execute an analysis and demonstrate some interesting aspect of the data or answer a specific question. Be clear about your process, the tools, and what the end result demonstrates.


Once you have written up your project, give the page the label:


Put your code in the COMP/CS251 folder on fileserver1/Academics. Please make sure you are organizing your code by project.