CS 251: Project #5

Project 5: Principal Component Analysis

Project due Friday night Mar 20, 2014

The purpose of this assignment is to integrate your PCA analysis into your display application.


  1. In your GUI, enable the user to pick a data file, execute a PCA analysis, store the result, and then create an entry in a listbox that links to the result. The basic capability should use all of the numeric columns of the selected data set. An extension is to allow the user to pick and choose columns.
  2. In your GUI, enable the user to select an analysis from the listbox and view the data projected onto the first three eigenvectors. An extension is to allow the user to pick the columns to plot.
  3. In your GUI, somehow enable the user to see the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of a selected PCA analysis. You can use plots, project the eigenvectors onto the original data, or just throw up a window with the numeric values in a table.
  4. Come up with an acronym or name for your program. Be creative. The success of your program may, in the end, be completely determined by how cool your acronym is. Then again, it's success may have something to do with the quality of your work. But it never hurts to have a cool name.