CS 251: Lab #10

Lab 10: A Useful Visualization and Analysis Tool

Project due Friday night May 9, 2014

The final project is to develop novel visualizations and undertake an analysis of a selected data set. You can customize your code, as needed.

  • Create any visualizations you identified in your final project design. Test them with people outside your group and, ideally, with the provider of the data set.
  • Create any analyses you identified in your final project design. Give the data set provider a preview of the analyses and adjust the process, as necessary.
  • Create a wiki writeup of your visualizations and analyses. This will be a more extensive writeup than any of the individual projects. The writeup needs to include the following sections.


    No formal extensions for the final project.

    Writeup and Handin

    Once you have written up your assignment, give the page the label: