CS 365: Assignments


There will be five assignments plus a 3-week final project. Assignments two through four will be 2-week assignments, which means I expect them to take 20-30 hours to complete and you should get started on them in the first week. Assignments will be given out on Thursdays and be due on the Thursday two weeks later. Reduced credit will be given for late assignments.

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Davis 112
Phone: 859-5854
AIM: brucemaxwell@mac.com

Office hours: Knock
M 10pm-late, R 7:30pm-late
Any time my door is open

Assignment 1: Introduction to Images and OpenCV
Due Thursday 11 February 2016

Assignment 2: Content-based Image Retrieval
Due Thursday 25 March 2016

Assignment 3: 2D Object Recognition
Due Tuesday 15 March 2016

Assignment 4: Calibration and Augmented Reality
Due Tuesday 5 April 2016

Assignment 5: Object Recognition Using a Trained Classifier
Due Tuesday 19 April 2016