Title image Spring 2017


In general, assignments will be due each Monday evening at midnight. You may take one 4-day extension to Friday except for assignment five or the final project (both of which already have extra time built-in). To take your extension, let one of the professors know before the assignment deadline.

Assignment 1: Data and a Simple GUI
Due midnight, Monday 13 February, 2017

Assignment 2: Data Management
Due midnight, Monday 20 February, 2017

Assignment 3: Viewing
Due midnight, Monday 27 February, 2017

Assignment 4: Integrating Data and View
Due midnight, Monday 6 March 2017

Assignment 5: Linear Regression
Due Friday 17 March 2017

Assignment 6: PCA Analysis
Due midnight, Monday 3 April 2017

Assignment 7: Clustering Analysis
Due midnight Monday 10 April 2017

Assignment 8: Machine Learning
Due midnight Monday 17 April 2017

Final Project: Self-designed Analysis and Visualization
Due May 5, 2017