Title image Spring 2017

Final Project

Due May 5, 2017

The final project is to develop novel visualizations or undertake an analysis of a selected data set. You can customize your code, as needed. Ideally, your project should include at least one visualization and at least one analysis, but you can focus on one area more than the other.


  1. Create any visualizations you identified in your final project design. Test them with people outside your group and, ideally, with the provider of the data set.
  2. Create any analyses you identified in your final project design.
  3. Create a wiki writeup of your visualizations and analyses. This will be a more extensive writeup than any of the individual projects. The writeup needs to include the following sections.

    • An abstract of no more than 300 words that describes the data set and your work with it.
    • A problem statement, clearly describing the data set, its source, and the main problems for which you are developing data analyses and visualizations.
    • A methods section describing the visualization and analysis tools/methods you used.
    • A results section, showing the visualizations and analysis results.
    • A summary/conclusion section that highlights the important results and concludes the writeup.


No formal extensions for the final project. Doing more extensive visualizations or analyses will get you a higher grade.


See above.


Be sure to put all of your code and your data sets on the Courses server in your project9 directory. We want to be able to run your experiments.

Once you have written up your assignment, give the page the label: