Title image Spring 2017

Course Information for Spring 2017

Time: TR 8-9:15 (lecture), R 1-2:20, 2:30-3:50 (lab)
Place: Davis 117 (lecture), Davis 122 (lab)

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Davis 112

Office hours: Knock
M 9:30-late
R 7:30-late

Course Description

Robotics addresses the problems of controlling and motivating mechanical devices to act intelligently in dynamic, unpredictable environments. Major topics will include sensing, navigation and control, mapping and localization, robot perception using vision and sonar, and robot kinematics. In addition to short homework assignments, students will undertake more extensive projects using both existing software and implementing their own algorithms on medium sized mobile robots capable of functioning in human spaces. Projects will focus on enabling the robots to execute tasks, explore, and interact with people and objects in their environment.


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