Title image Spring 2017


Projects will be due on Thursdays at midnight, but you will be required to demonstrate the state of your program/robot to the class during the Thursday lab on the due date. Note that most projects will be multi-week projects and starting early will be critical to completing the projects. They are not multi-week projects so you can have an extra week of rest before starting it the night before it is due.

Assignment 1: Simple motion
Due Thursday 9 February 2017

Assignment 2: Simple motion II
Due Thursday 16 February 2017

Assignment 3: Following
Due Thursday 23 February 2017

Assignment 4: Amazing
Due Thursday 2 March 2017

Assignment 5: The Vision Module
Due Friday 17 March 2017

Assignment 6: Localization and Project Planning
Due Friday 14 April 2017

Assignment 8: Final Project
Presentations during final exam period