Title image Spring 2018

Projects for Spring 2018

Project 1: An Introduction to C (due Friday Feb 16th)

Project 2: Simulation of uncoupled circadian oscillators (due Friday Feb 23rd)

Project 3: Simulation of coupled circadian oscillators (due Friday Mar 2)

Project 4: Confirming Benford's Law with pthreads (due Friday Mar 9)

Project 5: Circadian Signaling with Pthreads (due Friday Mar 16th)

Project 6: Fish production line (due Friday Mar23rd)

Project 7: CUDA on the GPU (due Tuesday Apr 10th)

Project 8: Circadian Signaling on the GPU (due Tuesday Apr 17th)

Project 9: Counting on MPI (due Friday Apr 27th)

Project 10: Bucket sort with MPI (due Friday May 4th)

Final: Tying it all together (due Friday May 18th)