The slides, notes, and sample code shown in the class are posted here. The posted contents are intended as supplementary materials.

You are expected to take notes during the class.

Please note that the schedule of topics is subject to change.

Week 1

Wednesday, 2/6
Introductions, syllabus, data, data visualization, why look at data? (Lecture01.pdf)
Friday, 2/8
Effective data visualization and human perception. (Lecture02.pdf)

Homework 0
See last slide from 2/6.

Week 2

Monday, 2/11
Tkinter and building a GUI (Lecture03.pdf,,
Wednesday, 2/13
2D coordinate frame transformations, translation, scaling, linear algebra (Lecture04.pdf)
Friday, 2/15
Numpy, scientific computing, vectorization (Lecture05.pdf,,,)

Homework 1

Stephanie's notes (Section A)

Notes PDF (Spring 2019)

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