Title image Spring 2019

Assignment 6: Final Project

Due 17 May, 2019


You design this project yourself. Pick something about which you are interested in learning more. Once you have an overall topic, pick a specific task or application. Plan out what resources you will need and how long you think it will take. The overall scope of the project should be similar to the other projects. Keep it simple.

You may work in groups of up to four people. Groups larger than two will have higher expectations.


Please complete the first three tasks as quickly as possible, and no later than Friday, May 3.

  1. Pick your partner(s). Go to the Google Partner sheet and list who is in your group, who's account will contain the report, and who's account will contain the code.
  2. Pick your topic. Enter it into the spreadsheet.
  3. Make a wiki page for your group that outlines your proposed project. Given a brief summary of what you want to do. Create a list of resources required, including software, hardware, data sets, and computing resources. Break the project into discrete tasks and create a timeline for the project to be completed on time, including the presentation you will give during the final exam period. This does not need to be extensive (< 1 page), but take some time to think through the project.

  4. Complete your project.
  5. Write a report. You may hand in a report on your project in one of two ways.
    • Option 1: create a wiki page.
    • Option 2: create a pdf in IEEE 2-column conference paper format. Template for Word and Latex are available.

    Your report should contain the following sections, regardless of handin format.

    • Abstract, 200 words maximum
    • Introduction section: describe the task and the main concepts at a high level.
    • Related work: find at least 3 peer-reviewed papers that are related to your project. Give a brief description of each and how it relates to your project. CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, BMVC, and WACV are all computer vision conferences that are good sources for papers. Most are available as pdfs through the Computer Vision Foundation [CVF].
    • Methods: describe your approach to the problem and the specifics of your solution at a level of detail that someone knowledgeable in the art could reproduce it. If you are following someone else's work, simply cite the appropriate paper.
    • Experiments and results: describe what experiments you undertook to demonstrate your system worked and what the results were. If there is comparable prior work, compare your results to the prior work. Graphs or tables are good for presenting results.
    • Discussion and summary: discuss your results and any key ideas or findings from your work.
    • References/Bibliography

    Your report should no more than 8 pages, including the references and any diagrams or pictures. It can be less.

  6. During the final exam period, each group will have 10 minutes to present their final project to the rest of the class.


There are no extensions for this project. Do more if you have the time.


Follow the directions above. If you hand in a pdf, link it to your wiki page for the project proposal. Give your wiki page the label: cs365s19project06


Put your code in your Private Courses handin directory.