CS 151: Project 11

Title image Project 11
Spring 2020

Project 11: Make Three Scenes

The final project is to create three scenes using your drawing system. Look at various styles/movements/artists for inspiration. Your project needs to incorporate the following elements.

For each scene, take some time to design it before you start coding. Look through the art styles and artists linked from the various project pages for inspiration. Some thought before starting will save you time in the long run.

As an alternative, you may complete the 3D turtle project


The final project will be evaluated out of 30, so there are no separate extensions. To get full credit, create your three scenes, comment your code, and include at least one recursive element in one of the scenes.

Submit your code

Turn in your code (all files ending with .py) by putting it in a directory in the Courses server. On the Courses server, you should have access to a directory called CS151, and within that, a directory with your user name. Within this directory is a directory named private. Files that you put into that private directory you can edit, read, and write, and the professor can edit, read, and write, but no one else. To hand in your code and other materials, create a new directory, such as project11, and then copy your code into the project directory for that week. Please submit only code that you want to be graded.

When submitting your code, double check the following.

  1. Is your name at the top of each code file?
  2. Does every function have a comment or docstring specifying what it does?
  3. Is your handin project directory inside your Private folder on Courses?

If you cannot access Courses for any reason create a zip file with your code and screen shots and email it to Prof Maxwell.

Write Your Project Report

If you haven't already made a new page for this report on the wiki, then make one now (Log into the wiki, goto your Personal space by selecting "Personal Space" on the menu under the Person icon, then make the page using the "Create" button. Put the label cs151s20project11 in the label field on the bottom of the page. But give the page a meaningful title.

Your wiki report for the final project is intended as a portfolio of your scenes. Include all of your scenes from both project 10 and project 11. Pick 2-3 (or more) images from your other projects as well.

For each image in your portfolio, specify which project it is from, and give it a name and a short description, including what style/movement/artist inspired your work.

Finish your report with a short reflection on your work this semester and acknowledgements.