CS346 - Useful Links and Additional Notes

  • Instructions for downloading MATLAB onto your computer. Note that this MATLAB, which is available through a Classroom License, may require that your computer have a Colby IP address for it to work, and it is licensed only for use for coursework, not research. (If you'd like more information on using MATLAB for research, feel free to ask your prof.)

  • The MATLAB "Getting Started" guide from Mathworks is a good beginning reference.

    Please note that the "Getting Started" guide is not exhaustive--there are many important and useful features of Matlab outside of its scope. Please explore the Matlab help pages (using the help browser, the help and doc commands, the search documentation window in the Matlab environment, etc.) for more about what Matlab can do. And as always, feel free to ask your prof. any questions as well!

  • The paper Can robots make good models of biological behaviour? by Barbara Webb is available through the Colby Library.