CS231 Fall 2016 Lab Exercises and Projects

The lab exercises and project assignments will be posted here weekly. The work in lab on Mondays and Tuesdays will lead into and be part of the week's project, which is typically due the following Monday night (midnight). Both contribute to your overall course grade (specially, lab participation and project grades). (Notice this means that you will be beginning project i+1 in lab on Monday afternoon and then handing in project i on Monday night. During lab, I will not be able to answer questions about project i until you have completed the lab for project i+1).

Lab Instructor Information

Prof. Stephanie R. Taylor
Office: Davis 114
Email: s r taylor _at_ colby _dot_ edu

Office hours: Mon 4-5, Tues 9:30-11:45 and 4-5, Thurs 1-4
By appointment (email me), and whenever my door is open

  1. Monte-Carlo Simulation of Blackjack (Java intro): due Monday night Sep 19, 2016 (lab, project)
  2. Game of Life (2D Arrays): due Monday night Sep 26, 2016 (lab, project)
  3. Parking Cars (Stacks): due Monday night Oct 3, 2016 (lab, project)
  4. Finding Friends (Singly Linked Lists): due Monday night Oct 10, 2016 (lab, project)
  5. Follow the Mushroom-Brick Road (Doubly Linked Lists): due Monday night Oct 24, 2016 (lab, project)
  6. Which Checkout Line is Best? (Queues): due Monday night Oct 31, 2016 (lab, project)
  7. Mapping Words to their Frequencies (Binary Search Trees): (lab which you need to demo to Stephanie in lab on Nov 7 or 8, project due Monday night Nov 14, 2016)
  8. Trends in Word Usage (Priority Queues): due Monday night Nov 28, 2016 (lab, project)
  9. Hunt the Wumpus (Graphs): due Friday night Dec 9, 2016 (lab, project)