Title image Fall 2020

Course Information for Fall 2020

Lab Times: W 8-9am, R 7:30-8:30pm, F 1-2pm
Lab Place: Davis 102

Instructor Information

Prof. Stephanie Taylor
Office: Davis 112
Typical Office hours on Zoom: Tuesdays 1-2, Wednesdays 10-11:30, Thursdays 2-3:30
I often need to change my office hours to accommodate meetings. I post an image of my calendar at the beginning of each week on my home page.

Course Description

An introduction to the programming language R and how it can be used for statistical analysis and visualization of data. Students will learn how to write basic R programs that can read, write, and manipulate data. They will make use of R functions for executing common statistical analysis and learn how to display the results using graphs and charts. Through a series of projects, students will get experience with writing their own functions, learn how to make use of R documentation and how to extend their own knowledge of the language.

Learning Goals

  1. Students can read a simple R program and correctly predict its behavior.
  2. Students can write programs in R to read, write, and manipulate data.
  3. Students can write programs in R to execute common statistical analyses and generate visualizations of the results.
  4. Students have experience with the concepts of functions, modularity, and abstraction.
  5. Students have experience with R documentation and how to extend their knowledge on their own.

Links to R Software

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