CS232 Spring 2014 Lab Exercises and Projects

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The lab exercises will be posted here weekly. The work in lab will lead into and be part of the week's project. Labs will also count significantly towards participation.

Lab Instructor Information

Prof. Stephanie R. Taylor
Office: Roberts 224D
Email: s r taylor _at_ colby _dot_ edu

Office hours: W 2-4, R 2-5, F 1-3
By appointment (email me), and whenever my door is open

  1. Digital Logic CAD Tools: due Monday night Feb 17, 2014 (lab, project)
  2. Programming Hardware: due Monday night Feb 24, 2014 (lab, project)
  3. A State Machine: due Monday night Mar 3, 2014 (lab, project)
  4. Programmable Lights: due Monday night Mar 10, 2014 (lab, project)
  5. Programmable Lights II: due Friday night Mar 21, 2014 (lab, project)
  6. Moving Memory: due Monday night Apr 7, 2014 (lab, project)
  7. CPU: due Monday night Apr 14, 2014 (lab, project)
  8. Assembler: due Monday night Apr 21, 2014 (lab, project)
  9. Final Project: due Friday night May 9, 2014 (lab, project)