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Please note that the schedule of topics is subject to change.

Week 1

Wednesday, 2/6
Introductions, syllabus, data, data visualization, why look at data? (Lecture01.pdf)
Friday, 2/8
Effective data visualization and human perception. (Lecture02.pdf)

Homework 0
See last slide from 2/6.

Week 2

Monday, 2/11
Tkinter and building a GUI (Lecture03.pdf,,
Wednesday, 2/13
2D coordinate frame transformations, translation, scaling, linear algebra (Lecture04.pdf)
Friday, 2/15
Numpy, scientific computing, vectorization (Lecture05.pdf,,

Homework 1

Week 3

Monday, 2/18
Numpy broadcasting, 3D viewing, observer coordinates (Lecture06.pdf)
Wednesday, 2/20
Orthographic viewing pipeline, 3D viewing example (Lecture07.pdf)
Friday, 2/22
Finish orthographic viewing pipeline

Homework 2

Week 4

Monday, 2/25
Interactive 3D viewing: panning/translation (Lecture09.pdf,
Wednesday, 2/27
Interactive 3D viewing: rotation (Lecture10.pdf)
Friday, 3/1
Interactive 3D viewing: scaling (Lecture11.pdf)

Homework 3

Week 5

Monday, 3/4
Histograms, kernel density estimation, probability (Lecture12.pdf)
Wednesday, 3/6
Binomial distribution, Bayesian updating (Lecture13.pdf,
Friday, 3/8
Review binomial distribution, Bayesian updating (

Homework 4

Week 6

Monday, 3/11
Linear regression (Lecture15.pdf)
Wednesday, 3/13
Quality of fit, multiple linear regression (,
Friday, 3/15
Writing workshop

Homework 5

Week 7

Monday, 3/18
Gaussian distribution and covariance matrix (Lecture18.pdf,,
Wednesday, 3/20
Principal component analysis (PCA): Covariance approach (Lecture19.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Friday, 3/22
Principal component analysis (PCA) (Board1, Board2, Board3 )

No HW this week!

Week 8

Monday, 3/25
Spring break
Wednesday, 3/27
Spring break
Friday, 3/29
Spring break

Week 9

Monday, 4/1
PCA code, data reconstruction, singular value decomposition (Lecture21.pdf,, Board1, Board2 )
Wednesday, 4/3
Finish SVD, clustering, distance metrics (Lecture22.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3, Board4 )
Friday, 4/5
K-means clustering, Leader algorithm (Lecture23.pdf, Board1 )

Homework 6

Week 10

Monday, 4/8
Hierarchical clustering, single-linkage algorithm, number of clusters (Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Wednesday, 4/10
Supervised learning and classification problems, K nearest neighbors (Lecture25.pdf,,,, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Friday, 4/12
Review: Bayes Rule (Lecture26.pdf, Board1, Board2 )

Homework 7

Week 11

Monday, 4/15
Bayes Rule and Naive Bayes classification (Board1, Board2, Board3, Board4, Board5,
Wednesday, 4/17
Classification performance metrics, confusion matrix (Lecture28.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Friday, 4/19
More classification performance metrics, ROC curve (Board1, Board2 )

Homework 8

Week 12

Monday, 4/22
C-index/AUC, No Free Lunch Theorem, Ugly Duckling Theorem (Lecture30.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Wednesday, 4/24
Decision trees: overview, information entropy, information gain (Lecture31.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Friday, 4/26
Decision trees: information gain, ID3 algorithm (Lecture32.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3)

Homework 9

Week 13

Monday, 4/29
Decision trees: ID3 algorithm, overfitting, pruning (Lecture33.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3, Board4, )
Wednesday, 5/1
1R decision trees, neural networks overview, McCulloch-Pitts neurons (Lecture34.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3, Board4, Board5 )
Friday, 5/3
No class (CLAS)

No HW this week!

Week 14

Monday, 5/6
McCulloch-Pitts neurons, single-layer supervised learning networks, ADALINE (Lecture35.pdf, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Wednesday, 5/8
ADALINE and Perceptron learning, activation functions (, Board1, Board2, Board3 )
Friday, 5/10
XOR problem, universal approximation theorem, Multi-layer Perceptron, backpropagation algorithm (, Board1, Board2)

Homework 10

Final study guide (Section B)


Stephanie's notes (Section A)

Notes PDF (Spring 2019)

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