Advice for Submitting a Partially Finished Project

Your last late day for a project is rapidly approaching and you haven’t been able to track down that bug! What should you do? First of all, it’s better to submit your partially-complete project now than to hold onto it, not get any credit for it, and delay your other work. But there are things you can do to make sure you get credit for the work you have done!

Writing code that performs exactly as expected is one part of your project grade, but your grade also consists of the report writeup and the stylistic features of your code such as writing good comments and including headers. If you are less than confident in your code, take a break from debugging and polish your code style and your writeup to make sure that those are well presented!

Give yourself at least 2 hours to do this before the project submission deadline. If you finish early and you want to spend more time debugging, then you are encouraged to!

Specifically make sure that you: