Title image Fall 2018

Course Information for Fall 2018

Lab Sessions
MTWR 8-9am (Davis 102)
R 7-8pm, 8-9pm (Downtown Classroom)

Instructor Information

Prof. Bruce A. Maxwell
Office: Davis 112

Project Links

Project 1: Reading and Accessing DataVideo Clips1.1 R and R Studio Overview
1.2 Variables
1.3 Types and Functions
1.4 Vectors
1.5 Lists
1.6 Data Frames
1.7 Reading a CSV File
Project 2: Basic GraphingVideo Clips2.1 Reading SPSS files
2.2 Making Histograms
2.3 Accessing Histogram Information
2.4 Basic Scatter Plots
2.5 Bar Plots
Project 3: Conditions, Loops, and FunctionsVideo Clips3.1 Conditions and conditional selection
3.2 Loops
3.3 Functions and if-statements
Project 4: More Useful FunctionsVideo Clips4.1 Factors
4.2 Data Handling
4.3 which, seq, runif, rnorm
4.4 Enhancing plots
Project 5: R Markdown and Simple Linear RegressionVideo Clips5.1 Building and displaying a simple linear model
5.2 R Markdown
Project 6: Creating and Displaying MatricesVideo Clips6.1 Matrix type
6.2 The image plotting function
Project 7: An Ecological Modeling Example
Project 8: Exploring Something New