Title image Fall 2018


Assignments will be posted here weekly before the lab on Monday. They are due the following Monday at midnight. Late assignments will be graded, but no credit will be given for extensions..

Lab Instructor Information

Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Taylor
Office: Davis 114
Office hours: M 10am-noon; T 10:45am-11:45; W 2:30pm-4; R 10:45-11:45 and 4-5

Lab and Project Links

LabsProjectsDue Dates
1. Wires and CircuitsPrime Traffic17 September 2018
2. Modular Design and VHDLDouble Sevens24 September 2018
3. State MachinesReaction Timer1 October 2018
4. Controllable CircuitsProgrammable Lights8 October 2018
5. Branching CircuitsProgrammable Lights II22 October 2018
6. Memory and Stacks4-Function Calculator29 October 2018
7. RISC CPU DesignRISC CPU12 November 2018
8. Assembly LanguageAssembler19 November 2018
9. Final Project DesignFinal Project7 December 2018