Title image Spring 2018


In general, assignments will be due each Monday evening at midnight. You may take one 4-day extension to Friday except for assignment five or the final project (both of which already have extra time built-in). To take your extension, let one of the professors know before the assignment deadline.

Lab and Project Links

LabsProjectsDue Dates
1. Designing a GUIData and a Simple GUI19 February 2018
2. Reading and Storing DataData Management26 February 2018
3. 3D Viewing PipelineInteractive 3D Viewing5 March 2018
4. Integrating Data and ViewingInteractive Data Manipulation12 March 2018
5. Linear RegressionData Analysis Using Linear Regression23 March 2018
6. Principal Component AnalysisData Analysis Using PCA9 April 2018
7. K-Means ClusteringData Mining Using Clustering16 April 2018
8. Machine LearningClassification Using Machine Learning30 April 2018
9. Final Project DesignFinal Project11 May 2018