CS 25X Spring 2021     Syllabus       [Labs]

Description Contact Lab Policies Grades Schedule 2/10-2/11 2/16-2/18 2/23-2/25 3/02-3/04 3/09-3/11 3/16-3/18 3/23-3/25 3/30-4/01 4/06-4/08 4/13-4/15 4/20-4/22 4/27-4/29 5/04-5/06


Lab Objectives

  • Gain practical experience implementing data analysis and visualization techniques discussed in class.
  • Create an intuition for what the results of different algorithms and visualization techniques will produce.
  • Find and apply python library documentation.
  • Use jupyter notebook and matplotlib to visualize datasets and algorithms.
  • Use numpy, scipy, pandas, and scikit-learn to modify and analyze datasets.

Contact Information

Hannen Wolfe
Office: Davis 114
Email: hewolfe@colby.edu
In addition to office hours, you are welcome to send me email with a question. I will respond within 24hrs, M-F 8am-5pm. If you find the solution before I respond please email me to let me know.

Office hours:
Remote drop-in office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9:30am
Office hours by appointment are Mondays 3-5pm and Thursdays 3-4pm
More office hour information including: Drop-in sign-in sheet, zoom link and appointment calendar link

Lab Policies

Lab Policies

General Lab Policies and Links


Attendance is mandatory and is worth 1 point of the respective project grade.

If you are sick or quarantined, email Hannah Wolfe before lab and accomodations can be made.

Unless you have explicit permission before class, tardiness and leaving early is unacceptable. Multiple instances will effect your project grade.

Grading Policies

Lab Grades

Each lab will be worth 1 point of the respective project grade.

Grading Rubric:
Strong: Lab is complete. (1pt)
Almost There: At least half of the lab is completed. (0.8pt)
Developing: Less than half of the lab is complete. (0.6pt)
Insufficient: The lab was not submitted. (0pt)

Lab Deadlines

Labs are due the next Monday (251L A-D) or Wednesday (251L-E & 252L) night (at 11:59pm) after the section in which the lab was assigned.

Labs received within 1 week of the deadline will lower that week's lab assignment's grade by .2pts.

Labs will not be accepted after the respective project has been submitted.

General Schedule

Lab Sections

CS 251L-A: Tue. 1:00-2:20pm Davis 122
CS 251L-B: Tue. 2:30-3:50pm Davis 122
CS 251L-C: Wed. 1:00-2:20pm Davis 122
CS 251L-D: Wed. 2:30-3:50pm Davis 122
CS 251L-E: Thu. 8:00-9:15am [[REMOTE]]
CS 252L-A: Thu. 1:00-2:20pm Davis 122


*Optional* Lab 0

Office Hours Feb. 10th 1:00-3:50pm [[REMOTE]]
Office Hours Feb. 11th 8:00-9:15am [[REMOTE]]
Office Hours Feb. 11th 1:00-2:20pm [[REMOTE]]

Instead of a traditional lab section, you can join office hours to get started on the first project. If you don't have experience with Python or need to brush up on it, this is a great time to work and ask any questions that arise. If you need to install Python or Jupyter notebook, I can help with that as well.


Lab 01: Intro to Jupyter Notebook, NumPy and MatPlotLib

Lab 01 Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Feb. 22nd @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Feb. 24th @ 11:59pm


Lab 02A: Matrix Transformations, Numpy and MatPlotLib

Lab 02a Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Mar. 1st @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Mar. 3rd @ 11:59pm


Lab 02B: 3D Scatter Plots and Rotation Matrices

Lab 02b Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Friday, Mar. 12th @ 11:59pm
252: Friday, Mar. 12th @ 11:59pm


*Optional* Office Hours

Office Hours Mar. 10th 1:00-3:50pm Davis 122
Office Hours Mar. 11th 8:00-9:15am [[REMOTE]]
Office Hours Mar. 11th 1:00-2:20pm Davis 122


Lab 03: Linear Regression

Lab 03 Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Mar. 22nd @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Mar. 24th @ 11:59pm


Lab 04A: Pandas and Principle Component Analysis

Lab 04a Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Mar. 29th @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Mar. 31st @ 11:59pm


Lab 04B: PCA and Image Compression

Lab 04b Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Apr. 5th @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Apr. 7th @ 11:59pm


Lab 05: K-Means

Lab 05 Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Apr. 12th @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Apr. 14th @ 11:59pm


*Optional* Office Hours

Office Hours Mar. 13th 1:00-3:50pm [[REMOTE]]
Office Hours Mar. 14th 1:00-3:50pm [[REMOTE]]


Lab 06A: K-Nearest Neighbor

Lab 06A Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, Apr. 26th @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, Apr. 28th @ 11:59pm


Lab 06B: Naive Bayes and KNN

-Lab 06B Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, May 3rd @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, May 5th @ 11:59pm


Lab 07: Networks

Lab 07 Zip File

Due on Classroom

251: Monday, May 10th @ 11:59pm
252: Wednesday, May 12th @ 11:59pm