Lab Overview

Welcome to your CS231 lab! This is intended as informal work time for you to get started on each week's project with lots of support from your lab instructor and lab TAs. That being said, we do have some structures in place to make sure this time is as useful to you as possible!

You can find answers to the following questions below:

What can I expect from the lab format?

Your lab is scheduled as a 3 hour block from 1-3:50, but you're only expected to stay until you complete the lab check-in showing that you've been able to complete a certain amount of the lab work. Your attendance in lab is required to show us your work at the lab check-in, but if you're unable to make it on a given day, you have options. See What should I do if I have to miss lab?.

The usual format of the lab is that your lab instructor will spend the first 10-20 minutes on a mini-lesson giving an overview of the week's project, and a recap of the concepts needed for the project. Any time after that is informal work time for you to finish the work for the lab check-in. After you've shown your check-in, you're welcome to leave, but you're also welcome and encouraged to stay and keep working on the project!

This time is informal. You're encouraged to talk with eachother, bring snacks or drinks, leave and come back into the room as needed, or do anything else (within reason) that will make you feel more comfortable and productive.

What should I bring to lab?

Please remember to always bring the following things to lab!

How do I get credit for coming to lab?

Each project will come with a test script to test a portion of the code you write for the lab component of the project. When you're ready, call us over and show us that your code passes the test script, and we'll record that you have credit for this lab! You can call us over for the lab check in by putting the green notecard next to your name tent.

How do I get my questions answered in lab?

Your lab instructor and 1-2 TAs will be in the room answering questions all lab period. Please call us over by using the notecards we give you on the first day! Prop them up on your name tent so we can see you have a question. Use a red notecard if you have an urgent question--i.e. you're unable to move on without it being answered. Use an orange notecard if you have a question but it doesn't need to be answered immediately--i.e. you're able to keep working on something else while waiting for an answer.

How do I get my questions answered outside of lab?

This course has a lot of staff to help you through the projects! Take a look at the How to Get Help page to see a full list of who is available to help you when!

What do I do if I can't finish my work in lab?

If you've been in lab the whole time and are unable to complete the check-in, talk to your lab instructor and we'll set up a time for you to come meet with us outside of lab to get your through the lab check-in work and give you credit for the lab.

What do I do if I can't make it to a lab?

If you're unable to come to lab on a given day, you have 2 options. The first is to attend the other lab section that week--you don't need to tell us ahead of time if you're doing this. The second is to email us to set up a time for the lab check-in outside of lab. These can be done on zoom if needed (e.g. if you're sick or traveling).

Who is my lab staff?